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John Q. Cook, M.D.

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Yale University B.A. | Northwestern University M.D.
Rush University Medical Center Plastic Surgeon
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The Whole Beauty® collection of skincare products is the culmination of a 20 year effort to help my patients find the best skin care possible. Like most of the advances that have occurred in my practice, it came about as a response to my patients’ observations.

Early in my practice one of my patients remarked to me, “I love the face lift, Dr. Cook, but it would look even better if you could help me with my skin.” As I looked at her skin in the sunlight, I had to agree. The patient had spent year in the sun: golf and tennis in the summer, paddle tennis in the winter and she hadn’t been particularly careful with sun protection.
We all know what happens to the skin when it is subjected to a combination of sun, stress, and the passage of time. The surface of the skin develops fine lines, the skin becomes thin and less supple, the skin looks dull, and brown and red patches appear.

At the time when my patient made her remark most plastic surgeons had a less than enthusiastic view about skin care. Plastic surgeons, in a view that was common at the time, should do big powerful operations and leave the minor details of the skin to others. In my opinion this was simply wrong. First of all, other physicians and practitioners weren’t doing anything all that exciting for the skin. Second, I owed it to my patients to help them achieve the best results possible and to obtain this, you simply couldn’t ignore the skin!

Thus began my education. I learned how to do TCA peels, became familiar with emerging laser technologies to help treat vessels and buff down the skin, learned about alpha hydroxyl acids when they emerged as an option, and went to meetings in Paris to learn about Botox and Restylane when they were not yet available in the United States.

Many new technologies have emerged since that time, some beneficial, many rather worthless, and some harmful. I have always felt that one of the best services I can provide for my patients is to carefully evaluate the various treatments and cherry pick the very best for inclusion at the Whole Beauty® Institute.

It became apparent to me that an important component of skin rejuvenation is what the patient does outside of our office. After all, we have only half an hour or an hour to offer a treatment, but the skin exists 24/7. As a result of this realization I developed a combination of medical grade skin products to extend the benefits of our treatments.

Why use Whole Beauty Skincare products?


Skincare needs change as the patient moves through treatment. Our products allow for specific adjustments to these needs.


It should not be necessary for the skin to be constantly irritated in order to obtain an improvement.


Our products are formulated to be compatible with one another. When combined, they amplify the overall effects for greater results.


Our products fit in well with the skin rejuvenation treatments that we offer in our offices.


Our skincare program is quick and simple to apply in both the beginning and the end of the day.

High Quality

Our skincare collection is made up of the highest quality products and ingredients available which we routinely evaluate.

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